Rules and REgulations: Permits

The requirement for a permit from the Managers for certain uses of water or works within the District is not intended to delay or inhibit development. Rather, the permits are needed so that the Managers are kept informed of planned projects, can advise and in some cases provide assistance, and to insure that developments of the natural resources are orderly and in accordance with the Overall Plan for the District.

  1. The Board shall designate a person to serve as Permit Officer. Said Officer shall facilitate the permit review process, and have the authority to deem a permit application incomplete, to require the applicant provide additional information, and to use all Watershed resources, including the District Engineer, Attorney and individual Managers in the application Review. Said Officer shall either issue a permit, issue a permit with conditions, or deny the permit, giving written notice to the applicant.
  2. No works or use requiring a permit shall be commenced prior to the issuance of the permit.

    In addition to the remedies provided in Minnesota Statute 103D.545 and Section 8, infra, in those instances where work has been done before a permit is granted, the District may require that the property be returned to its original condition before considering the permit.

    1. The District shall require applicant pay an After-The-Fact permit fee in the amount of $250, plus the actual engineering and attorneys fees incurred by the District in dealing with the un-permitted work, as a condition to granting a permit.
    2. Unless specified in the permit, work for which a permit is given must be completed within three (3) years. The District further requires, as a condition of all permits, that it be notified when an improvement is completed by returning a COMPLETION REPORT card.
  3. If a permit application is denied or granted subject to conditions, the Applicant may, upon paying a permit hearing fee of $300, ask the Board to hold a hearing on the permit application. Notice of such hearing shall be given to all persons expressing an interest in the proposed project.
  4. Any applicant or other person or public corporation dissatisfied with either the Permit Officer's decision, or the Boards decision on any permit application must appeal the said decision to the District Courts of the State of Minnesota within ninety (90) days from and after the date of it's issuance.
  5. No fee shall be charged for a permit application except the fees hereinabove described.
  6. Applications for a permit must be filed personally:
    Bois de Sioux Watershed District
    704 South Highway 75
    Wheaton, MN 56296
    (320) 563-4185/P
    (320) 563-4987/F
  7. The Permit Officer shall provide an application form setting forth the necessary information. This form must be completely and accurately filled out before the permit is deemed submitted.
  8. The Board may issue district wide permits on an annual basis for specific classes of projects where a standard design has been approved by the Board and where the Board is satisfied construction of such projects will be adequately supervised.
  9. Each district wide permit shall be subject to such specific requirements as the Board may establish.
  10. A hearing shall be held before any district wide permit is issued or renewed.