Rules and REgulations: Definitions

For the purpose of these rules, certain words and terms are herein defined as follows:

  • District means the Bois de Sioux Watershed District.
  • Managers means the District Board of Managers.
  • Person means an individual, firm, partnership, association, or corporation, but does not include public or political subdivisions. It specifically includes, but is not limited to, landowners, occupants, contractors or equipment operators.
  • Public Corporation means a county, town, school district, or a political division or subdivision of the state or federal government.
  • Public Health includes any act or thing tending to improve the general sanitary conditions of the District.
  • General Welfare includes any act or thing tending to improve or benefit or contribute to the safety or well being of the general public or benefit the inhabitants of the District.
  • Work or Works means any construction, maintenance, repairs or improvements.
  • The word shall is mandatory, not permissive.
  • Drainage way means a natural or artificial channel or tile which provides a course for water flowing continuously or intermittently.
  • Legal drainage system means a watershed, county or joint county drainage system.
  • A plan is a map or drawing and supporting data for proposed works.
  • Maintenance, as referred to for dikes, drainage ditches and sewers, shall mean restoring the system as near as practicable to its original condition or as subsequently improved.
  • Normal high water mark means a mark delineating the highest water level which has been maintained for a sufficient period of time to leave evidence upon the landscape. Commonly, it is that point where the natural vegetation changes from predominantly aquatic to predominantly terrestrial.